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You can also contact us directly by email at

About us

Herpecology is currently focused on breeding reptiles and studying their husbandry for future education.  We take a special interest in native species and how they relate to their environment and us.  We are focused on spreading awareness and appreciation for the less-charismatic animals around us that most people take for granted, from snakes and lizards to isopods and roaches.  In the future we hope to expand beyond breeding into education projects.

Herpecology is run by inveterate science nerd and sword enthusiast, Erin Burt.  You can see her other work and projects by visiting her portfolio site at  

How to buy

To buy one of the available animals listed, be put on a waiting list for future available animals, or order available feeder or cleanup invertebrates, please send us an e-mail at with the animal you are interested in and your shipping zip code. We are currently only able to ship within the lower 48 United States, and we reserve the right to refuse a sale or proffer a refund if we have a concern about your ability to receive or take care of the animals in question.  We want our animals to go to the best homes possible and we may ask to see your enclosure before accepting payment on an animal.  We can provide proper husbandry information if needed and we will have care guides available in the future for relevant species.

Shipping Information

All reptiles are sent through Fedex via the Ship Your Reptiles service; through this service, animals are generally dropped off at the shipping center late in the afternoon and arrive at your residence by 10:30 AM the following morning. They are packed with proper insulation and any necessary heat or cool packs.  We will only ship if weather conditions are favorable on either end for the species in question.

Invertebrates are sent through USPS and generally arrive in 2-3 days.  We will attempt as best as possible to coordinate shipping to ensure the invertebrates arrive alive, but we cannot guarantee live delivery.